Monday, March 25, 2013

The Last One

Piece by piece, I gave you me.
And carefully you placed them into a box,
stowed away beneath your bed
& as time passed,
you forgot it was there.

But there I lay, as you loved her on your bed.

All the while
I roamed the night, a ghost of your thoughts
something of the past.

So I kept all of my tears meant for you
and waited till I had enough
to drown my sorrows
to drown my self…

But when the time came, you came back
to claim me once more,
wanting that very last piece
of me.

Tracing my lips with your tongue
spelling out words
meaningless to you
that meant everything to me

as she sat in the audience
and laughed, while I

You laid me down, reopening my wounds
and she watched as I bled
for your own amusement.

So cruel you could be
after I had given you, me.

Me, to my barest soul
with my bare skin
all, all, alone.

So, so cruel that
you could be.
Despite the best of me.

With my nimble hands I held on
to the very last one.

The one you would never have.

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