Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mom's Birthday Celebration!

*Warning: Tons of photos in this post!*

Already I'm missing my mom, my sisters, my family, and the California sun. It's really true what they say, you really don't know what you're missing until it's gone.

I'm really grateful I got to go back for my mother's Birthday weekend. I really think my sisters and I made her year.

My mom is everything to my sisters and I. She's a strong and independent woman who raised five girls by herself in an unfamiliar country. She's sacrificed so much for us to have an opportunity to chase our dreams, that we are forever grateful for her. Never has she asked for anything but health and happiness for us, and for that, we owe her everything.

RECAP of the weekend:

My sister Dao (who currently lives in New York) and I arrived in Sacramento late Friday evening. The next morning we surprised my mom to let her know we were here. She didn't expect a thing and her expression was priceless!

It was strange to be back in Sacramento, though I was here just a few weeks ago. But I definitely took advantage of it with some quality time. My sisters and I did a three hour bike ride around Lake Natomas (that really kicked my butt!).

Emily, ready to pound that bike trail pavement!

This is me, completely pooped!
 Afterwards we took my cousin out to bowling for his Birthday and to the toy store so he could pick out his gift.

For my mother's Birthday we got dressed up in our best for family photos!

My mom, me, and Oanh
Bothering my mom as she gets ready!
I was doing my 'mug' face
Behind the scenes! So much light, I can pass as a vampire!
The twin and I
My sisters and I are a bit... sassy!
It's been such a long time since we've done a family portrait. I think to date we have only done it three times. Below you'll fine some old ones and the new ones (I wasn't able to find the first family portrait).

The second family portrait (I was seven)

New family portraits, now age twenty-two!

And what's a birthday without a gift ;) I think we certainly made her day memorable.

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  1. I love this michelle! what a fun birthday for your mama! I just love your cute family of girls. xoxo miss you!