Monday, May 4, 2015

When love turns ugly.

Don't waste your breath explaining,
when it only falls on dead ears.
Don't waste any emotions feeling,
for no one will even care

the lament coming from your chest
the tears pooling around your eyes,
each an every stabbing wound
bringing truth to all the lies.

Love is a romanticized idea,
never a universal truth.
Just love, sex, and conquest-
activities for the uncouth.

And as another day passes
more stoic will you become;
because those that do not feel,
will never come undone.

'Guess you can say I'm bitter.
'Guess you can say I'm cruel.
One thing that I am not?
A love sick romantic fool.


  1. :( I'm glad I haven't had to experience this in life yet... at least with a romantic partner.

    1. I've had my fair share of bad relationships, but I don't regret it one bit since it's taught me a lot about myself. So there's always a positive side to it!

  2. I hope this isn't inspired by recent events! But if it is, remember that lots of people care, even if they're not the one you want the most in that moment. It's easy to lose sight of those people sometimes!

    1. Oh dear! I guess I should state this this poem is not recent. Just something I wrote and dabbled at the last few weeks when things get tough. I always tend to intensify things in poem. But thank you so much! It's so nice and kind to know that, and you're right. It's easy to lose sight of those people, which I hope I never do!

  3. Omg, I love this so much!
    It's so visceral. ^_^