Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Chicago Series: A foodie day instead of museums.

Day 4 in Chicago was HOT. The hottest day of our stay, but we rallied and went to the Bridge House Tavern for brunch. It's a really neat place right off the river with great food. For not having reservations the wait was relatively quick (though we were drinking mimosas, so that may have past the time) and we got one of the best seats in the house.

So funny thing is, Michael is normally the one who loves savory foods while I always like things sweet. When it comes to breakfast/brunch though, it's the opposite. Yet when the waiter arrived, he didn't want to be the one to order the sweet dish so he ended up ordering the crab cake benedict for me, and I got the brioche French toast for him.

After brunch, we planned to hit some more museums, but because it was Sunday and a holiday weekend, the lines to get in were long and outside. We were melting and decided it wasn't worth it and rested at the hotel. To end the evening and our trip, we got some drinks before heading out to dinner at Travelle.

The food was amazing, and on the healthier side of what we had been eating on the trip. Michael paired it with a Grand Cru Chablis, making it perfect.

To end the night, we went to The Kitchen Chicago, one of our favorite bars to end the trip with a night cap.
But of course, when you're drinking so much, you can't help but get the munchies so we ended up ordering garlic fries (another weakness of mine).

The next morning was spent leisurely before heading to the hotel. From that point on, we went back to our normal diet, because let's face it, after drinking and indulging in high fat food, you start to feel it wearing down on you.

But, if you're a foodie like me, Chicago is definitely a place to go!

As for the next urban adventure, I'm thinking about maybe Washington DC, or even Baton Rouge? Or maybe get out of the city and see some canyons? What do you guys think? Where would be a cool place to go within the states?


  1. That's funny about brunch. ^_^

    Well, I'm a countryside girl myself, so I loved the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore. I also really like Orlando. I find it cozy for some reason and I love Universal Studios Florida! I could go every year. ^_^

    1. I feel like I must add the Grand Canyon. My sister was there and she loved it. I still have yet to go to Universal Studios either! Must go!