Thursday, May 31, 2012

Under the Bed (Triggering Poem)

At the corner, sat a lavender box.
Photographs spilled over the rim.
A boy with freckles splattered across his cheeks
stared out of the picture with a wide grin.
The silver box springs under the bed,
all in all perfectly spaced,
were in the ready position
against the reddish rug they faced.
Strands of blonde and brown hair
were hung and danced in between.
The glittering dust seemed to sleep
sprinkling the realm as they dreamed.
The cream-colored sheet of spectators
surrounded and watched all around.
As the dime-sized long-legged spider,
descended gracefully to the carpeted ground,
Held only by a twinkling thread,
it commanded attention
by everything under the bed.

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