Friday, September 21, 2012

Summer's End

Forgive me faithful followers! I didn't mean to leave you all hanging! Rest assured, I am still alive!

The past few weeks have been crazy, but ultimately life changing. How do I even begin to explain it?

All I know is, it happened in Paris. I'm in awe of that city and what it did to me. I stood beneath the iconic Eiffel Tower and was just awestruck. I couldn't believe I was there, and I still have a hard time believing I was there. Was it an epiphany I had? I'm not sure. But for the first time, I felt truly and blissfully happy. Sitting in cafes, walking along the Seine, and drinking wine; doing simple things that felt so magical. For the first time, I stopped planning and over thinking everything. I finally lived and enjoyed the moment.

Being home after that, I realized home isn't where I wanted to be anymore. I wanted to be out in the world. I wanted to explore. I wanted to write.

I need to get out. It may only be a quarter earlier, but that's better than the whole year.

I can't wait to see where I go next.

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