Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"My Cares of Vain Worth"

I used to determine my worth by pounds
and only on an inverse scale.
I counted this and that and ran and ran
but only to hopelessly fail.
I should have been smarter
and dismissed outward beauty,
but all I could think was
how do they really see me?

It is vain, I know, to care
of others' thoughts--
physically nothing
in the mind they get lost.
But once they are spoken
behind open and closed doors
they unearth pain
never know, nor felt before.

If only we were nicer,
I wouldn't have to care
about my nails, clothes,
and most of all, my hair.
So we  put on different looks
hoping to find one that works,
that takes away our doubts
and the thoughts of others that lurk
behind their plastered smiles
and their forced pleasantries
if only I could wipe it off
and be comfortable in me.


  1. Beautiful, and so true. Actually, I live behind closed doors most the time, so I only occasionally bother with hair and makeup, but it's amazing how much we base our judgement of others on their appearance, right?

    1. Thanks :) Yes, it's kind of ridiculous how much we base judgments on appearance, and even more so when we are all aware of it too.

  2. This is really good. I often wonder what I would do with my hair if no one ever saw me. I love straightening it, and it's not like I stop brushing it whenever I'm home alone for a while, but I wonder. And I wonder why I don't wear langue pants to the grocery store unless I'm going at 10 o'clock at night. Like why do I care?

  3. powerful message.
    If i could live alone, I'd most likely be okay without makeup and hair worries. I'd live all day long in sweats :)
    I try not to judge much on how one looks, but I do fall victim. I think since we are a consumer society, we are practically raised that way.

    1. I definitely agree. If only we didn't have to worry!