Monday, July 6, 2015

Active 4th Weekend

I'll remember this year's July 4th as the active weekend. My glutes, calves, and arms are still slightly sore, but it was so worth it having my sister visiting. She loves doing active stuff and working out, whereas I'm more relaxed, preferring long walks to intense cardio. Since Seattle is abundant in outdoor activities, Michael and I planned a weekend that would suit her interests.

Friday morning we went to Alki Beach to soak in the sun, then headed to Lake Union after lunch to go kayaking.

It was such a beautiful blue day and very warm. When we returned, Michael and I made dinner for my sister before taking her to the golf course to watch the sunset.

Saturday we did about an 8 mile hike before heading over to Michael's parents for a BBQ. With plenty of food, wine, and conversation, it was a good night.

Sunday I made breakfast before we headed into Seattle and got lunch at Nue, a new restaurant that I'll be blogging about soon.

Then it was off to the airport to say our goodbye's. What a quick weekend it was!

How did you spend your 4th? Comment below!


  1. What a fun weekend! Seattle looks so gorgeous.

  2. It's so pretty up there! It's been cloudy where I am nonstop for about two weeks, so of course it rained all weekend. I didn't mind so much, it was relaxing, but I know it cramped a lot of plans.