Friday, February 21, 2014


Yesterday it hit me like a ton of bricks. It was this huge tension headache squeezing my head, so hard I felt nauseous. It started at six p.m. and then lasted through the night making it uncomfortable to sleep. Now I've awoken drippy, sneezy, and full of chills.

The common cold.

It just sneaks out of nowhere and BAM. Hits you. So today is my sick day. Let the resting under covers, binge watching, tea drinking, and trying to catch up in writing with a fuzzy head, begin.

30,000 more words by my birthday is all I need. No more writing funk. Since I am such a fan of Veronica Roth, here's a link to her latest blog post: Getting a Character "In".

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  1. Feel better hun! That was me two weeks ago, still have a funny throat feeling I haven't kicked, but all my juicing should help soon! Tell Michael you need a foot massage, those always seem to make me feel better.