Tuesday, February 11, 2014

NYC Series: Empire State Building, Bryant Park, and the New York Public Library

Last Saturday, I woke up early to take advantage of my time left in NYC. Since the Empire State Building is so iconic, I decided to make it my first stop. If I thought Seattle was cold, it was nothing compared to the frigid winter air of New York! Still I trudged along and walked from my sister's Manhattan apartment.

Walking up towards the Empire State Building
But right as I got there, a bus load of asian tourists got off. These weren't just any asian tourists. They were pushy asian tourists. For a moment I debated whether or not to just come back later, but wasn't left with much of a choice as I was swept into the crowd. Eventually I made it up to the top and was greeted with a wonderful view:

It was so cold, but worth it!

I spent awhile there just taking it in before I left. Upon exiting a snapped this photo from the lobby:

I quickly got into a cab then headed to Bryant Park and the New York Public Library.

Front view of the New York Public Library
Back view of the Library
Unfortunately for me, I had an hour and a half before the library opened so I filled it with a walk around Bryant Park. It was a small but quaint park with an outdoor rink.

Outdoor rink at Bryant Park
After awhile and unable to deal with the cold, I ducked into Le Pain Quotidien, a cute cafe nearby to crab some coffee and a croissant for breakfast.

Afterwards I headed to the library and immediately loved it. The building was just beautiful! Just take a look of the photos below!

Looking upwards at the ceiling.
Entrance view from the second floor.
Hallway to one of the wings.
Walking up to the second floor.
My favorite room of the Library.

Lamp and window
Door detail
The Library had a neat exhibit about children's literature too.

If you ever find yourself there, check out the gift shop too. They have some neat stuff. I got myself a necklace with an Emily Dickinson quote and got Michael a ring with 15th century poetry (poesy) on it.

If you missed the first part of my NYC series, you can check it out here: NYC Series: A slice, Houston Hall, and Greenhouse .

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