Monday, February 10, 2014

NYC Series: A slice, Houston Hall, and Greenhouse

This past weekend was definitely one to remember spent in New York City visiting my sister! Yep, yep! Michelle Tran found herself in the big apple and boy was it a shock! This week I'll be posting a series of my NYC adventure, so stay tuned all week :)

Last Friday evening I arrived at Penn Station around six p.m. The first thing I noticed? People. Tons of people everywhere. At 4'11'', I craned my neck trying to find the exit to the street. Once I got onto the street, suitcase in tow I tried my best at hailing a cab. It was nearly impossible. Turned out it was market week. So when this guy on a bike comes around with an attached carrier seat and says that he can give me a lift, I agree to it because I'm freezing and I felt kind of bad for him.

So I get in. Right away I could tell that it was a BIG MISTAKE! This guy's weaving in and out of the streets and I realize I, or my luggage could fall out at any moment. Not to mention I finally noticed a sign on his bike that says $3 per minute (which is a rip off, a cap is cheaper and warmer!). Immediately I tell him I want out, I rather walk. So when I get out and try to pay for a six minute ride that only got me down three blocks ($15 dollars plus tip), his payment device wouldn't work. I should also mention that before I agreed to the ride I told him that I didn't have cash, only a card, which he said he was fine with. So when his device wouldn't work he started to blow up on me demanding that I pay up. Was it my fault his device wasn't working? No, right? I offered to buy him something to compensate, some food nearby and what not, but he's still upset that I didn't go through the whole ride. His voice started to rise as he inched toward me. I did the only thing I could think of: I grabbed my suitcase and ran.

What a great welcome to the city. Please note my sarcasm here.

But I tried not to let the incident bog me down or the fact that I was stupid enough to get trapped in the scam. Putting my feet to work I walked to my sister's apartment completely wide-eyed as I tried to take in the shock of the city compared to the Boston Suburbia where I had spent the days prior.

Quick shot of the lit Empire State Building as I walked by.
Finally I made it and was so stoked to see my sister! It's been almost two months since I had last seen her. Since I was starving she immediately took me to Vezzo where I got to experience the NY style pizza, or "slice" as they say. Granted it was at a restaurant and not a street vendor, but it still counts, right?

It was delicious! Half meat lovers (my sister's choice) and sweet italian sausage with basil (my choice).
It was so great to catch up and see how great my sister was doing in just a few months since she's moved there. By the way she talks and enjoys the city, I could tell she's found a home here.

Afterwards, she and her friends showed me the night scene. First we went to Houston Hall in the West Village for a few drinks.

Next we went to Greenhouse close by and ended the night by dancing the rest of the night away. It was a small jam-packed club with a great vibe with the multi-colored lights and hanging glass decor.

It had been a while since I had gone out to dance which made it such a great way to start off the memorable weekend and almost made me forget about my earlier haggling incident with the biker.

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