Monday, April 14, 2014

My first Mariners game!

It's crazy how the sun can just lift your mood immensely! I was all smiles yesterday, because it was such a nice day in Seattle! This has been such a long winter for me. In Northern California, signs of Spring show up in late February. It took until April for me to see signs of it here.

Yesterday morning Michael and I went to grab coffee and shared a crepe at The Essential Bakery before making our way to Leschi Park. Everything was blooming and not one cloud in they sky!

Photo Cred: Michael
 Afterwards, I got to go to my first Mariners game! Cristine invited Michael and I to go with her and Tim, and I'm so glad she did because it was a blast and such a perfect day. Great convos, great drinks, splurging on guilty foods, and sunshine!

Photo Cred: Cristine

Cristine and I

Cristine and Tim

Michael and I

The neat wine glasses with a top that Cristine and I had.
Afterwards, Michal and I went to Bottlehouse for some wine, and more food all the while soaking up the sun. Such a great day!

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