Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Seattle Japanese Garden Weekend

This past weekend Michael and I kept to ourselves, since the weekend before we were with my family. We spent the weekend doing our favorite things. Brunch on Saturday morning at Tallulah's, then a walk at the Seattle Japanese Gardens. The garden was a first for Michael and I, and it was such a treat! Who knew we had such a gem just less than a mile from our apartment? The garden was so peaceful and relaxing that I could imagine Michael writing poems there.

After, we had to do some gift shopping so we went to the University Village. We ended up having lunch and some afternoon cocktails there too and ended up talking for more than two hours. I love the fact that even though Michael and I spend a lot of time together, we never run out fo things to talk about. He's become a best friend and so much more.

For dinner we went to Nishino for sushi and ended up in some interesting conversations with other customers at the bar. Apparently Michael has such a welcoming aura because anytime someone sat down next to him they would strike up a conversation.

We ended Saturday night with my favorite movie: Moulin Rouge. I couldn't believe it when Michael told me he had never seen it before! I fixed that quickly and he ended up loving it. I still have the songs from the movie stuck in my head.

On Sunday we went to Miro in Ballard for some tea and breakfast crepes then went to the Ballard farmer's market. We ended up at Whole Foods after to finish the rest of our grocery shopping. For the rest of the day we took it easy. Michael had to do a little work and I delved into one of my favorite books that I hadn't read for a long while, Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac (I'll post my review sometime this week!).

For dinner I made butternut squash soup to go along with the baguette we bought and watched Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley.

It was a perfectly relaxing weekend.


  1. I can't believe you two hadn't been to the Japanese gardens... arent they beautiful and so peaceful? Tim and I went about two summers ago... so much to love. OH, and I too haven't seen Moulin Rouge ;-p whoops! Apparently I should do that too. Looks like it was a wonderful weekend, here's to the next...Just one more day. x

  2. wow. the Japanese Gardens look so beautiful! How tranquil.
    *sigh* Jealous of your weekend fun-time! lol
    and lol at Michael's welcoming aura. If only we were all so blessed haha

    1. I know. Wish I was blessed with a welcoming aura :P