Tuesday, January 6, 2015

An EPIC New Year's

Ringing in 2015 was the best! This year I got to ring it in with my family in SF at the Westin's epic NYE bash. It was definitely hectic heading to the airport after work. There was also a delay in my flight which worried me, but I was able to make it on time thanks to a friend I met on the plane who was heading to the same party (strange coincidence, I know! A story for another post).

When I arrived at the hotel, I quickly got dressed and proceeded to get a selfie with each of my sisters. From oldest to youngest as follows: Emily, Amy, Oanh, and Dao.

Having sisters is the best. It's like having permanent best friends no matter what. Reunited for the holiday, we were determined to have a good time!

We seriously danced the night away! The party had cool props and LED lights, and not to mention really great music!
At midnight, Michael and I used the couple app and had a thumb kiss since we were apart. If you're in a long distance relationship, I recommend the app! We had used it for a time before I moved to Seattle.
After that, my sisters and I kept on dancing! It was such a fun and memorable night. I am so glad I came and booked that last minute flight!
How did you spend your New Year's? Comment below or make a post on your blog :)


  1. How fun to spend such a special time with your sisters! All the best for the New Year :)