Sunday, December 28, 2014

Seattle Cinerama: The Hobbits

The last Hobbit movie! It feels like the end of an era as the Hobbit movies come to a close! I remember when I was just a kid watching The Lord of the Rings movies. Oh how time passes. For the last Hobbit movie, I wanted to watch it in comfort. The Seattle Cinerama reopened about a month ago, so I thought it'd be the best place to see it. With reclining comfy seats, great sound, big screen, and a concession stand filled with Seattle treats and alcohol, what could be better?

So yesterday we made it into a double date with Michael's sister, Cristine, and her husband Tim. We met at Tallulah's below our place for dinner then set off to catch our movie.

Can I just mention that they have really good popcorn? I got a mixture of chocolate and butter popcorn, a great mix of sweet and salty, without it being super oily.

Oh and did I mention we saw the movie in 3D? The 3D at the Cinerama is by far the best 3D experience I've had so far. Normally I don't care for 3D, but the quality in the theater was so good, it was kind of like being in a game with all the CGI and stuff.

All in all, I would recommend the Cinerama if you want a better than average movie-going experience. The prices for the concession wasn't too bad and was better than the offerings at the normal big-chain theaters. Only downside is the increase in ticket prices (15 compared to the standard 10), but considering the quality theater, it's not too shabby.

I've heard about some other cool theaters around the area that serve dinner with your movie and what not. I'll have to check out those soon once there's another movie I'm really interested in.

Are there any cool theaters in your area?

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