Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving Week: Napa Wine Country (Part 1)

Thanksgiving has become my favorite holiday. Moving away from home, you really start to treasure every little minute with family (and not to mention, every morsel of a home cooked meal by mom). I like to keep my memories alive by putting them to words, so like last year I am going to do a Thanksgiving series of posts this week. To check out last year's click on the links below:

November 19, 2014. I couldn't wait to fly back home. I could hardly focus at work and I was just a bundle of nerves! I made sure Michael and I left early to the airport in case rush hour traffic got us. We ended up eating dinner at the airport since our flight was delayed and got to Sacramento around 11p.m.; the same time my sister from New York flew in. We were then picked up by my oldest sister Emily and her husband. I remember thinking in the car, Finally! Home at last!

After waking my mother from her slumber and giving her many hugs, we all got some shut-eye.

The next morning my family and I headed to Napa! Napa is a special place. It was where I celebrated my 21st Birthday. I hadn't been there since and Michael hadn't ever visited, so it was a must!

My sisters and I.

We started at V. Sattui Winery. A favorite of ours where you can picnic outside for lunch. 

The wine tasters.
Our next stop was Mondavi. The place was sprawling and beautiful. It was so fun to walk around the grounds and enjoy the sun.

Me goofing about the naked sculpture.

Tasting outdoors.

California girl. Love me some sun!


By that point, we had quite a bit to drink, so it was just one more stop before heading home: Silver Oak Cellars. This was one Michael was looking forward to so he isn't pictured below (he was inside tasting :)).

Normally we would make 4-5 stops in Napa, but with a late start and many glasses. We were wiped. After taking a few more fun sisterly photos, we headed back to Sacramento.


  1. Great pics! Looks like so much fun... I have to get to Napa sometime.