Sunday, June 9, 2013

Unanswerable and Uncertainty

Sometimes I wonder if I really know anything about the world. It's so big and vast, I wonder if I'll ever really be a part of it, or if my role is something insignificant like a piece of dirt. You could make the argument and say, "Of course you're a part of it Michelle, in fact you're a part of something even grander. Even being a piece of dirt makes a difference because you along with other pieces of dirt can be the soil that flowers grow out of, and so on and so on..."

We as individuals wrestle with the idea of 'purpose' that it's understandable some turn to religion. Religion gives some answers. But "answers" aren't really "answers," are they? Do you follow me? Because an answer can't be one hundred percent true or one hundred percent false. It's just an abstraction when you think about it, or even a "guess", so really, there aren't any answers in this world. And what sucks about that is the questions that arise in our minds. What are we suppose to do with them when they drive us absolutely crazy. Is that the point? To just be okay without answers and live in a world of uncertainty?

Unfortunately, yes.

Great... another abstraction, another guess, and no answers.

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