Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Kate Spade Surprise

I am the luckiest girl in the world. I have the best boyfriend ever. Here's why:

Yesterday was a typical day. I went to work. Then Michael took me out for lunch during my lunch break. I drove home after work, but was stuck in traffic for like an hour. By the time I got home I only had like 5 minutes before I had to meet with my writing partner. Michael was so sweet he fixed me up dinner (I can get really cranky whenever I skip/delay a meal). I swallowed it whole in like 3 minutes and left.

By the time I got home, Michael was still out at a barbeque so I got into comfy clothes and relaxed by watching the premier of Big Brother (I'm a huge fan of the show.)

When Michael came home he had leftovers of Hello Robin cookies from the barbeque. So there I was, stuffing my face with cookies on a typical night in front of the tube.

Then Michael pokes his head from the bedroom and says, "I got something for you," and unveils a brown satchel. Immediately I knew there was a purse inside, but I was so shocked I just stared. He handed it to me along with a note:

Turns out, after meeting me for lunch, he went to the mall and got me this beauty:

He completely blindsided me with the surprise! I love it and am proudly sporting it today. My boyfriend has such great taste and I'm so glad he's all mine.


  1. gr.. hate when my 1st comment disappears.

    WHAT AN EFFIN CUTE act from him, Michelle!
    How romantic and unexpected. What a lovely purse, too! And that note...adorable! Yes, be glad he is ALL yours :)

  2. Cute bag! And awesome boyfriend! Hope your meeting with your writing partner went well.