Thursday, April 9, 2015

A to Z Challenge: F is for Fish

F is for 'fish.'

Now that my travel posts are over, I guess it's back to my life in real time!

Over the weekend I was sent back to California for a business trip, but I certainly made the most of it by hitting my favorite sushi joint ever! If you like traditional nigiri with an inventive twist, look no farther than ICHI Sushi! I've written about them before in this post, so my apologies for being redundant. But this was my third time going and honestly, they just get better and better. I always leave feeling blown away.

Now do you see why F is for fish?

ICHI's really good at keeping their menu seasonal and sustainable and with their high quality fish, each bite is like a sushi lover's dream.

Can anyone guess which nigiri piece the photo above is? The choices are listed on the menu ;)


  1. Kindmendai? I eat Japanese food for dinner most days, but haven't had sushi in a while. Cravings!

    1. I know I LOVE sushi! It was actually Albacore Tuna Belly :)