Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What happens after Pitch Wars announcements.

1. You pinch yourself until you get bruises because this is all so surreal and you can't believe you actually made it.

2. You declare your love for your mentor and Brenda Drake because really, this would not be possible without them and then you celebrate by drinking a bottle of wine with your fiancĂ© while you try to keep up on twitter and text messages filled with congratulations.


3. You get to know other Pitch Wars mentees and you get tossed into this really cool support system that will be there for you while you go on this journey (all the while you're thinking, oh em gee, the talent here is amaze-balls. Am I sure I'm in the right place?).

4. EDIT LETTER. You read it like ten times, hugging it to your chest because the words are like diamonds! Gem-sized nuggets that will really make your manuscript shine! Suddenly it's like you found your writing fairy godmother and you can't help but look forward to the ball (or in this case, the agent round).

5. But then you remember you don't have the best outfit (aka your manuscript still hasn't reached it's full potential) so you get down to work and sew yourself the best darn gown you can.

6. Oh, but wait. You are a total newb at sewing so you video call your writing fairy godmother to go over the stitching and how to approach it (aka discuss the edit letter and make a game plan).

I am currently heading into stage six as I compile my list of questions for my mentor. I also squeezed in a vacation between stages 4 and 5 so this week has been just a whirlwind of AWESOMENESS.

*pinches myself* Is this still real life?


  1. Cinderella gifs! Yay!

    That all sounds so great! I'm so glad you have someone to help you figure things out.

  2. Writing fairy godmother!! ^_^

    I really didn't like that movie! >.< But it does totally get your point across. :)