Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Beauty's Perspective


          I held the picture tightly in my hands, contemplating whether or not to tear it up or burn it. I couldn't take in the fact that the past seemed so perfect in my eyes. I knew better now. This temporary happiness was a lie.

          My mother sits in the center behind her birthday cake lit with fifty candles. My sister Michelle is on her left side. Her boyfriend of five years at the time, Ethan, stands behind her with his hand affectionately placed on her shoulder. She places her left hand on his, her engagement ring sparkling in the still photograph.  I'm on my mother's right side. Taylor, my first love of four years wraps his arms around me. We all smile and we all seem happy.

          I carefully tear the photograph in half, taking both Ethan and Taylor out of the picture and leaving my mom, Michelle, and I intact.

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