Friday, February 17, 2012

“Reckless Abandonment”

Take me anywhere from here. Intoxicated, no longer aggravated. My body yearns for the music, it makes me sway. Bright lights in a darkened, hazy, world, fills my eyes. Just forget. The past is ever present. Regretful words and the things that should have been. Letters upon letters opened and read. Over and over and over. The smoke fills my lungs and I’m hot but my skin is ice cold. Leave me alone. No, I don’t want to be alone. Drive. Drive. Drive. To where? Held down by ambitions and fears. Stay away and stay safe. Shivering, shaking… At the top of my world, standing where no one can touch me, where no one can tell me what to do. My lips want to speak. The heart locks it tight and throws away the key. No more pain. In my head, mind games. I lose. Rumors. Lies. Truths. Let it be, because life goes on. Constellations. The only lights to trust. The pearl of the moon. I want it, can’t take it. No, please. Simple observer of life. I hear the laughs. Break me. Break me. Take me. Take me. Away. Tear me down and I will come back anew. Endings, beginnings… It’s all the same. Run in circles, run in circles. The music calls… Don’t forget. Write it down. All of it. Each word. Reckless. Reckless. Reckless. Breathe in. Breathe out. Sing out loud. Hold my hand, and run, run, run. Don’t look back, don’t look forward. See it in my eyes, my voice fails me. Let me cry. Let me lose control and let it be my escape. Scared. Breathless. At the top of my world and the music surrounds me. Abandon it all. Be reckless. Live.

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