Friday, February 17, 2012

“Victim to Infinite Sleep”

I used glue to put my pieces together,
But it only made me sick.
I racked my mind for another way.
I tried tape to make the pieces stick.
But my heart came crumbling down,
like sharp, shards of broken glass.
I’m not built for this I start to think,
My heart just simply won’t last.

I begin to pick up the shards of glass,
Slicing my fingers with my trembling touch,
Blood trickles down from my fingertips,
The stinging pain is too much.
I try to wash the blood away,
But the ruby red leaves a stain.
I don’t know how to get it off,
Nor do I know how to explain,
Why I am shattered completely,
Without a remedy to make me whole.
I feel completely alone and lost,
Without a body, mind, or soul.
Only left with broken shards of glass,
That are now splintered in my skin,
As blood comes rushing out,
I know there’s no way for me to win,
To survive and tell my tale,
But only to surrender to the fragility
of my heart and my secret thoughts.
Now is the only time to say it explicitly.

I am weak, waning in strength.
My pristine white flag soars above.
It is my timeless way to convey,
That I will now surrender to love.
Because you’ve cut me deep, and sliced me up.
You’ve hit me hard, so that I couldn’t get up.
You’ve seen me cry, you’ve seen me plead.
You’ve seen me swallow this poisonous seed,
That promised to take it all away,
The scars, bruises, and ruby red stains,
And lead me to the majestic archway,
That I hope and pray to one day see,
You standing there, right beside me…

But I am brought back to reality
By my stinging, inflicted hands.
They cry for my attention.
Almost like a needy child’s demand.
Then I realize what I am holding,
and I can only scream, cry, then weep.
For my broken heart has died,
And I will soon be victim to infinite sleep.

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