Monday, February 20, 2012

"I'll Think of You"

Do you remember me?
My face, smile, and hair?
Or did you just forget?
and simply didn't care?

Did I make a false impression?
or did I blend in with the nameless faces?
Do you remember anything?
maybe our memorable places?

Where we would sit and talk,
like time didn't exist?
When we opened our souls,
our thoughts no longer bundled in closed fists.

Where I would tell you secrets,
knowing you wouldn't laugh.
That if anything came my way,
you would stand on my behalf.

Friends I thought we were,
Friends I believe we still are.
No matter where we go,
nothing is too far.

I hope you call me first,
when you have good news.
I hope I am the one you need,
to help fade a fresh bruise.

If you're ever hurt that is,
I hope you never be in harm.
Never needing to feel pain,
no sense to be alarmed.

I want you to know,
you have a friend in me.
I'm the colors of your rainbow,
the arch of light you see.

I'll come from one end to the other,
and take your hand in mine.
Lead you to a better world,
and leave the hurtful one behind.

Never forget me,
even if I lose touch.
Sometimes I can be selfish,
but know I think of you very much.

Unconsciously in my dreams,
or when I'm singing in my car
Just know I am always with you,
following you like a bright beautiful star.

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