Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Grey Days

What a weekend! After having a few too many drinks on Saturday night, Michael and I were completely wiped out on Sunday, only leaving the house to get brunch and to pick up some stuff to make dinner, which lucky for us was only an elevator ride below our apartment! Did I mention I was only twenty-two? In my college days, I could drink, get up and workout with hardly any sleep, go to class, work, and then have another night out full of drinks! Now my night life consists of either two glasses of wine or two cocktails and then I am done! Michael makes me old :P Just kidding.

Yesterday I was a bit down in the dumps. I don't know why. It's just one of those days where you feel grey. I've been working on an account at work which contains so much data that I think maybe I was burnt out? Or perhaps it was the big slab of concrete in the middle of the freeway that I had no choice but to run over, which completely freaked me out. Or maybe it's because it's been so grey out...

Well some good news is nothing is seriously wrong with Michael. After going to the ER in December then having a colonoscopy this January, the major stuff (cancer, collidis, chrone's disease) are completely ruled out!

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