Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hump Wednesday and the up and coming!

I woke up and this morning and thought, Damn, it's hump Wednesday and I'm craving coffee.

There's nothing wrong with Wednesdays per se, I just haven't had a hump Wednesday for awhile when I 've been having 4 day work weeks thanks to the holidays. As for coffee, I'm trying to cut back, but I know if I had a cup it would perk me right up. Soy latte please?

Instead I opted for some good green tea and toast with strawberry jam to rev my morning up, but lo and behold, I dropped one third of my toast on the cement floor parking lot. Now this should not be a big deal. It's a piece of toast for goodness sake. Oh, but it was! Because it was typical hump Wednesday making its return.

Well on the brightside. I won't have a hump wednesday next week since I'll have a 4-day workweek and even the week after. So no humps, just Wednesdays in the horizon, so... HA!

Some other news to share, two of my sisters will be visiting me this weekend! Yay!!! Oh yipeee!!! I'm so excited that I already planned our weekend. Rest assured, I'll have a great post about that next week. Then right after they leave, Michael finally comes home! Which my stomah is very happy about (he's the cook in the relationship, thus I've been "getting by"), and of course my heart :)

And then, by the end of the month, I'll be going on my first business trip for a week in Boston/Norwood and then New York for the weekend to visit my other sister!

Wow 2014, you're starting off pretty nicely!

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