Friday, January 3, 2014

Empty Outlook

There is nothing more gratifying than an empty outlook inbox. I hope I don't jinx myself for writing this post, but I am so ecstatic! The end of the year wrap up at work has been my busiest time since I've started work and oh boy is it refreshing to cross everything off the to-do list and have an empty inbox.

Now I can finally breathe instead of rushing to get everything done! And I bet I'll get a better night sleep and have a fabulous weekend since I won't have a pile of work waiting for me on Monday morning!

And would you believe it if I told you that I finally saw the sun today? After weeks of grey clouds and rain the sun is finally shining upon Seattle. I'm sure it won't last very long, but its nice nontheless.

To add, I also got a new baby cousin yesterday name who I got the honor of naming Ryan.

Happy Friday everyone!!!

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