Thursday, January 9, 2014

Stuck in Love

I kind of have a new favorite movie which warrants this post.

Let me just say now that Seattle winters are tough. Today was not the best day for me. We all have those right? So bad to the extent where we rent a movie, camp on the coach, and eat a whole bag of chips while your cat watches you, right? Or is that just me? Well besides being uncomfortably bloated from excess salt (by the way, eating a bag of chips sounds like a yummy and good idea, but trust me, it isn't!), I'm kind of glad I had the kind of day I did, because it led me to watching Stuck in Love.

Yeah, it's about love, but it's also about life and the experiences you make with other people. I'll admit I cried twice, but that's only because the story was soooo good and the acting was spot on. What I really enjoyed was the dialogue, vibrant characters, and the pacing of the movie. I wish that this story had been a book, because it would have been so enjoyable to know these characters in depth.

The movie was written and directed by first timer Josh Boone who's next film is based off a book. John Green's in fact! Which means I am so excited to see the Fault in Our Stars film rendition since it is in very capable hands:)

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