Saturday, January 4, 2014

Disappointing wines and openings

There's nothing sadder than buying a disappointing bottle of wine. That happened to me yesterday, and I vow that I will never spend money on wine I dislike. So today, when I got to Bottlehouse, I'm going to select a very tasty wine for myself, one that I know suits my taste.

So of course as I'm writing the opening of draft two while sipping the disappointing wine, I become disappointed in my writing. All of a sudden, I want to scrap it and delete the whole thing. The words are starting to taste like bad wine. My mind turns into a glass of bad wine. I had to stop writing as my anxious tendencies took over my body.

Case in point? Pick a good beverage as you write.

To remedy my anxiety, I just had to stop writing and turn on the tube. But then I couldn't sleep, so I bought a new book on my kindle from one of my favorite authors. Sometimes when I read I can't help but compare my work. It was only after reading the first chapter of the new book did I think, Hey, my opening wasn't so bad. I fell asleep shortly after.

As I write this, I'm watching the sun rise from my living room window and drinking a nice cup of tea. Today the sky is baby blue with a bright orange horizon above the mountains that looked like they've been watercolored into the scene in shades of purples and blues.

He's still sleepy even though it was he who woke me.
Good morning weekend.

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