Saturday, January 25, 2014

Yoroshiku Date

For our "Friday Night Date Night," Michael and I decided to try something new to keep things interesting. We wanted to have something we don't normally have and decided on ramen. We headed to the Wallingford neighborhood to Yoroshiku for a traditional northern Japanese meal and it did not disappoint!

To start we ordered some drinks, sake and beer for Michael, a french red wine for me, and some pickled veggies. Then we got some yakitori (grilled meat skewers) which were delicious.

From top to bottom: Mochi wrapped in bacon, tsukune, pork belly, and beef. Yumm! I loved the mochi one the best, just because it was so interesting in its texture.

For our entree Michael had the Modern Yaki(soba), and I got the ramen. Both were delicious!

If you're ever in Wallingford, this is a must-go! The food and service was exceptional, and we loved the authentic experience.

What's a meal without dessert though, right? For some reason, on our drive over, we parked in front of this place that served fresh made churros, and I couldn't help myself.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend :)

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