Thursday, March 6, 2014

Draft Two of M2, and the start of my mini vacay!

So this happened.

Please excuse my tired looking self, but today during my lunch break I went and printed this baby out! Second draft of my Manuscript #2!!! Though it's craptacular and needs tons of extra work, can I just say how accomplished I feel right now? I'm one draft closer to being done!

 That's my current word count. My 158 page manuscript equals approximately a 356 page book. And guess what! I'm going on a mini vacay to Palm Dessert for a four day weekend to visit Michael's parents tomorrow! I can't wait to do revision notes while soaking up the sun! And of course, for more additional reading material I got this today to get pumped up to query this summer!

 Also, this is tonight! Hopefully I can get into the advanced screening and right a review for you guys tomorrow.
 So excited for this weekend to start after such an exhausting work week!


  1. When you're a super successful author making billions of dollars off of your movie rights, please sign my book.

    1. HAHA I wish! Though if that ever does happen, you got it!

  2. Congrats on the M2!