Monday, August 6, 2012

Destination: Love

Yesterday was my sister's wedding shower, and it hit me that in about five weeks, she's getting married.

Before the wedding shower, I met up with my best friend over coffee and we talked about how crazy life seemed to play out. A lot of people we went to high school with are either married or they are in the process of getting married; and it's so strange to think that marriage can even be a possibility for us right now (but hopefully not soon!). The thought of it actually frightens me. I still have no idea what I want, but I can only hope that in the future I am with someone I absolutely love.

My oldest sister is eight years older than I am. Sometimes when I look at her life, I wonder if I am glimpsing into my future in eight years. Will I have what she and my soon-to-be brother in law will have?

And so it got me thinking of the wedding day. To me the wedding day seems like a grand celebration after reaching the ultimate destination: love.

 If you think about it, we date in order to learn and figure out what we want out of love so that when it comes our way, we are able to recognize it when it happens. And for Emily and Anthony, they went that route. They had always been friends, but they also dated a lot in their twenties; yet, when they got together they were able to recognize what they were to each other. Lovers, and now soon to be husband and wife.

However, they definitely need more practice cutting cakes before their big day.
But looking at my second oldest sister and her fiance, I realized it also doesn't take dating experience to recognize what love is. Sometimes it can be innate and you just know it for what it is. My sister was the one and only girl that her fiance took home.
Although my sisters took different routes, their destinations were the same. They found love.

As I reflect on my own personal life and dating history, I can only hope that I am just as lucky.

With that said, I just wanted to say congrats to my lovely sisters and their fiances. You guys have found something that people are constantly in search of. Someone to love and to be loved in return.

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