Saturday, August 11, 2012

Book Recommendation: Mindless Eating

When I pick up a book that hooks me until I'm determined to finish it before doing anything else, that's when I know I have a good book on my hands.

I have to say I'm pretty food conscious, but at the same time I'm an emotional eater with a large sweet tooth. I love baking, which is also a great danger to my waistline, but on the other hand I workout and work at a gym. It seems like I'm a walking contradiction when it comes to my health and fitness lifestyle.

Of course, I'm hoping to trim a few inches and to drop a few pounds, but it seems like I always set myself up for disaster. Maybe my love for food simply outweighs my love for working out. Nonetheless, I thought maybe if I got a diet book, it would motivate me to better my own nutrition so that my workouts would pay off. But as I'm browsing the diet books, none of them seem fun, and to be frank, pretty darn tedious. However, I did stumble upon this book.

It was pretty interesting because it focused on the psychological aspects of eating and how different marketing strategies cause us to mindlessly eat, and being backed up by research definitely made me able to see the truth in the author's message. It was definitely not a diet book that I was looking for, but it was definitely a better choice.

I'm not writing this as a review, because I think the back cover with quotes from reviewers covers everything I'd like to say.

This post is merely a recommendation. If you want to read something interesting, educational, and possibly mind-changing, pick this up. It's such a quick read that I finished it in less than a day.

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