Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Top Ten Influential Books

Thanks to the lovely Michelle at the The Sunflower's Scribbles for nominating me on this cool blog chain. Now I have to list the top ten books that influenced me (which is a toughy for a book nerd like me). Though I would just like to note that this list is 'as of now,' meaning I'm sure my list will constantly change and shift as I grow older, so please have mercy on my choices!
10. The Norton Anthology of English Literature
I know, I know. Dweebie move, but this Anthology is reminiscent of my undergrad days when I finally switched my major from Animal Biology to English Literature. I lugged this big giant book around for a year and I learned so much from it.

9. Stolen
This book seriously gave me stockholm syndrome and made me cry. Not to mention I am completely envious of Christopher's writing. Normally I'm not into thriller/capture books, but the first few pages hooked me and didn't let me go until I finished. For my full review on this book, click here.

8. Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac
This book really intrigued me as a teenager and continues to be a reread for me as an adult. Because the main character has amnesia, it was interesting to learn about her character alongside her, making you feel like you're in her shoes. I also really enjoyed the complexity of her love interest and the complications of him falling for the mc when she wasn't herself. It's a dynamic I don't see too often. Click here for my full review.

7. Just Listen
I love Sarah Dessen. I practically read all of her books in high school, but this one continues to be my favorite book of hers. Here's one of my favorite quotes:
“There comes a time when the world gets quiet and the only thing left is your own heart. So you'd better learn the sound of it. Otherwise you'll never understand what it's saying.” 

6. Pride and Prejudice
Umm. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. Enough said, right? I just love, love, love this book!

5. The Sun Also Rises and 4. The Great Gatsby
I lump these two together because they are the complete opposite in writing and style, but I love them both for those reasons. These were also two books I read in my junior honors english class that made me want to study the subject and be a writer. Then fast forward to college where I reread/studied these two books again and got even more insight and depth of these books despite their small size. Still blows me away. I am in awe of the writing still. Reread the first page of each side by side and you'll understand what I mean.

3. Twilight
Okay, okay. I know what you're thinking. How could I possibly go from American classics to Vampires? Let me just say I loved Twilight as a STANDALONE, not a series. I don't know what it is about Twilight, but I can still reread it and fall in love with Edward all over again. This was the first book that seriously made me swoon and I am not ashamed of that. Teenage me gobbled this book in a night. It also brings a lot of memories for me seeing as this was released when I was in High School and my friends and I just loved talking about it and sharing it with as many people as we could. I have yet to meet a fictional character to make me swoon as much as Edward. Perhaps it's because I'm older now, but nonetheless, I miss being so crazy and in love with a fictional character.
2. Harry Potter Series
Okay I cheated. This isn't one book, it's seven, but oh my gosh the power these books had on me. Never have I ever wanted a magical world to exist as much as the world Rowling created. I am so thrilled that I was a part of the generation that grew up with these books. It just goes to show how much books can affect us as the whole world was swept in its story. I'm not sure if a series like this will ever come again, thankfully words are enternal and as long as these books are around, this story will live on forever.

1. Flipped
This book will always have a special place in my heart. This was the book that made me fall in love with reading. It made me feel what words could do to the heart, soul, and mind. I read this book when I was really young and it made me cry within 40 pages. It blew my mind that words made into sentences, stacked in paragraphs across pages, could evoke emotion. I remember surfacing from the book and realizing my perception of the world had changed. That my friend, is magic.
To continue this blog chain, I'm going to pass it on to Lisa at Planning for Sun and Eva at In the Garden of Eva, both are fellow writers I met at Hugo House and admire greatly!


  1. Oh, I still have one of my literature anthologies. ;-)
    Mr. Darcy...yes, best proposal ever. Lol!

    I didn't know Twilight was ever a standalone. That's interesting. Something suddenly makes a lot more sense in my head now.

    I had two series on my list, otherwise Harry Potter would have taken up half of it. So magical. ^_^
    I think the first book I feel in love with was Romona the Pest in the 4th grade. O_o

    1. Not sure if Twilight was intended as a standalone, I just preferred it that way. If it was just that one book, I would have been happy. The other books following was just too superfluous.

    2. Ohhh. Yeah, I agree. When I watched the movies, they didn't seem to match all that seamlessly with the first movie. It just had a much different feel than the rest of them. Not that I understand the Edward love, but I completely understand why he's the one for Bella. :)

  2. The Great Gatsby is one of the books I wanted to put on my list. It was definitely the first author I really got into in high school. Great list!

  3. I like my English anthology, too. still have it. Can't recall the volume.
    HP FTW!!!!!

    1. Yeah, I couldn't recall my volume either. I just used the most recent picture.