Monday, December 22, 2014

Red Cow

So this weekend, Michael and I were pretty glutinous. We had our date night on Friday at Nishino, one of our facorite spots in Seattle, Saturday commenced with me finishing The Borgias (such an awesome show. Why Showtime would cancel season 4 is beyond me!), and then we went to Bottlehouse, another favorite of ours for wine and cheese. At about 8:30 p.m. we left Bottlehouse and couldn't figure out where to go for dinner. We had no reservations so going anywhere would be tough. Then across the street we spotted the Red Cow (mind you a restaurant, and not actually a red cow).

For awhile, Michael had his eye on the Red Cow. It was on his list of places to eat, we just hadn't gotten around to it. That night seemed like the perfect time to cross it off the list. Since we were in the Madison Park area (very residential), we thought we could just go in and get seated at the bar. Alas, lady luck was on our side!

I think I should mention that the Red Cow is an Ethan Stowell restaurant. Stowell owns many restaurants in Seattle. Staple and Fancy which I've written about in this post, is a favorite, while his other Rione XIII that I wrote about last week in this post was not. So I was a little hesitant going to Red Cow. If the meal turned out well, than Stowell, in my mind, would be redeemed.

So, how did it go?

Well, the service was exceptional. Hallelujah! Always a good sign, right? Also, the place smelled amazing and the decor had a good ambience to it. It was also very small and intimate, which I prefer to big noisy restaurants. Michael also noted that they had a good wine list, so at that point we knew this would be a good time. Since the place is on the pricer side of things, we decided that this eould be our Christmas dinner.

We started with kusshi oysters (our favorite kind of oysters).

And for my entree I got the moulles frites and Michael did the steak-frites!

Michael got a 10 oz Wagyu. From this picture, I'm sure you can see he was in steak heaven. He deemed it the 'best steak he's had in Seattle.' The fries were also good and crispy! My mussels were very tender in a white wine thyme sauce, cooked perfectly.

And then for dessert! We had a dessert crepe and it did not disappoint!

All in all. An excellent and memorable meal! Red Cow is a place I would happily recommend and it is now my favorite Stowell restaurant out of the three I've tried so far.

On a side note, due to the west coast storm the past couple of days, I counted four days where I was unable to see the sun nor the sky. It's like living in a dark grey world! Luckily we now have a break from the rain, but I did put my new raincoat to good use!


  1. That's nice that y'all got to experience such a good time! I don't much like oysters. One of my colleagues looooves oysters and had me try some. They weren't bad. Definitely a new experience :)

    1. I never liked oysters that much too, but they grew on me, and now I love them:)