Friday, January 18, 2013

Writing Exercise #2: I don't have much time left, and I still have a few things left to say...

           “I don’t have much time left, and I still have a few things left to say. My name isn’t Brian Ofla. I lied. My name is Guglameshna Foreska. And I’m not twenty-seven years old. I’m actually one hundred and sixty-eight years old, but it’s equivalent to twenty-seven from where I’m from. Or at least I think so. I’m also not from a small town in Ohio, but from here like you, but from the future. Five hundred and sixty years into the future to be exact. Only, I came back. For you.”
            Analise started laughing. So hard, her body shook.
            “I’m serious!” I said, hoping she would believe me.
            “Aright, Goog-lamesh-ness.”
            “It’s Guglameshna!”
            “Oh right, of course.”
            I grabbed her by the shoulders. “Please. They’re coming for me. But before they do. I. I. I just wanted you to know.”
            Gently, she placed her hand on my cheek, with a large smile on her face. “Okay. I’ll bite. What do you want me to know?”
            “I love you.”
            With that her smiled disappeared, surprised by my declaration. But before she could say anything, I suddenly felt light-headed. I looked at my hands and saw that they were dissipating into small miniscule particles. They had come for me.
            Analise was suddenly afraid, but belief was now in her eyes. I saw her lips move, but I couldn’t hear anything. I was being pulled back to the future at light-speed.

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