Monday, February 20, 2012

For Me

I'm lost though I don't admit it.
In a beauty-less world.
I've gone astray without a map,
unprepared, caught up in a whirl.

A whirl of I hope to be adventures,
with numerous life lessons.
That I can pour it out with a pen,
filled with all my thoughts and confessions.

To find my own path,
my light in a darkened place.
To experience all there is to feel,
not having a moment to waste.

I want to fly as a bird,
and shine like the sky,
with streaks of colors,
going farther up than "high".

Until I touch a star,
and sprinkle its dust.
Make everything extraordinary;
I need to do this I must!

To feel as if I matter,
in life and in my heart,
if I am actually awake
making no finish to my start.

I wonder if I am seen,
through my invisible veil.
Of my concealed words,
that always seem to fail;

When I try to convey my thoughts,
into meanings that make sense,
but it never comes out clearly,
as if I'm scared and simply tense.

But bravery I will have,
and reach for my dreams.
Heal myself when hurt;
filling up the cracks and seams.

I want to be beautiful.
Like a freely dancing butterfly,
flirting with a field of flowers.
Never experiencing the urge to cry.

To have emptiness in my beliefs,
To have no grief or strife;
but that's only a fantasy,
that I won't find in life.

I need to break free,
of my enclosed glass box.
Getting away from time,
and the ticks of the clocks.

I'll run as far,
as my feet will take me.
Fall on my back,
and finally beauty I will see.

Beauty in my thoughts.
Beauty in my soul.
Beauty in the tears,
that I cannot control.

As wind comb my hair,
and light kisses my lips,
I'll know that if i am gone;
there is something I will miss.

The loveliness to feel,
The pleasure to smile.
The prettiness in things,
that make my life worthwhile.

Lost I may be,
Beauty lost from earth.
But I see the value,
of my own birth.

As I touch the hills,
and climb the mountains.
I'll stay here forever,
carved in stone as a fountain.

Pouring out my heart,
making my dreams come true.
Holding out my soul,
Just. For. You.

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