Friday, April 4, 2014


Michael and I usually have "Friday Night Date Nights," but because we're going out to dinner on Saturday night to celebrate mine and Cristine's birthday with their parents, we decided to move date night to Thursday this week to avoid eating out two nights in a row.

Lately we've been frequenting the same places so we decided to go somewhere new. Michael found this sushi place in the Eastlake area called Tamura. If you haven't noticed already, Michael loves sushi. For sushi, we usually go to Nishino's, but Tamura might have to be our new go to sushi place. They had more options for nigiri and rolls, not to mention a cocktail menu that I enjoyed.

What made it very exceptional was the perfect size bites, the great cut of the fish, the tasty rice, and the right amount of wasabi.

 If you can believe it, I never ate Nigiri until Michael introduced it to me. I was always a roll person, but now I'm absolutely hooked!

Michael really enjoyed their dessert too, housemade millet mochi with sweet beans on top. The dessert was a little on the savory side making it perfect for him.

Aftwerwards we came home and watched 'American Hustle.' If you haven't watched it yet, I highly recommend it. It was entertaining and kept me on my toes. I wasn't sure how it would end!

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