Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Fools

Anyone else get pranked yesterday? Here is my failed attempt at trying to pull off an April Fool's joke on a whim with a text message to my sisters:

To my credit, I kinda fooled my sister Oanh. Normally we don't do pranks on each other, so I thought they wouldn't notice what day it was. Then my oldest sister texted me this after trying to turn my joke back on me:

It kind of worked, so I'll give her props for that one.
I definitely miss my fambam! Just about two more weeks until I fly out to California to see them :D


  1. LOL! that was a good one! I wanted to do a prank on Tim's mom and dad while they were here and say I was pregnant, but I figured so much she would be OVERwhelmed with joy and then heart broken if I did that! hah.