Thursday, July 24, 2014

Beta Reading, Synopsis, and Rain

It's Thursday which equals my Friday! Hallelujah!

Michael and I will be going on a getaway trip tomorrow to Walla Walla in Eastern Washington! I seriously cannot wait, this has been one of the longest weeks ever so I am pumped to get out of the city and do some wine tasting.

This week I sent my manuscript to four beta readers. I dowloaded it on my kindle too, but I think I should probably stay away from it awhile to gain some perspective.

M2 seriously drove me bonkers over the weekend, I thought I was going insane. The below comic explains it perfectly.
Though none of my betas are done reading, I've gotten some good comments which makes me sigh with relief (so it wasn't a complete shit show, excuse my language), but I am anxious for the bad comments that will eventually come. It's necessary though, contructive criticism will only make M2 stronger, which is what I want.

In the meantime I've been working on my synopsis and query (you'd be surprised how long it takes to write one letter and a 1-page summary). I've also been doodling ideas for a contemporary romance in case M2 doesn't work out. Though M2 has series potential, I don't want to invest the time in it yet without knowing if  it'll be published or not (though rest-assured, I do have brief arc of the whole series in mind).

Oh and lastly, there was a thunderstorn and downpour yesterday and it's raining today! I guess you can't exscape rain in Seattle, even if it is Summer.


  1. Rain and reading. Cup of hot chocolate. Perfect day/night for me hehe
    That comic describes my last few days, too. If I really love a paragraph though, I delete some parts and rearrange sentences so that I can use it. Have fun at Walla Walla!

    1. Thanks!!! Lol. Yeah I never through anything away when it comes to writing, I just make a scarp pile for future uses.

  2. Have fun in wine country! ^_^

    You know, queries give me fits, but I can write a one page synopsis and be done with it in 5 minutes. Not sure what's going on with that. This is the best time to work on them though, while you wait.

    1. Yeah. I do feel like the synopsis was easier (though I can't do it as fast as you!), but the query just causes me so much anxiety!