Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fourth Revision Readthrough

I love Debbie Ridpath's comics. I feel like the one above completely relates to me this week. I've spent the last three days rereading my whole manuscript from start to finish while Blaire just stares at me. I printed all the pages, and started marking it up like crazy (though I used a blue pen instead of red, because red just looks so mean, doesn't it? Or is that just me?) and now I'm in the process of making the changes on my manuscript on my laptop. I still have to write another chapter or two to fill in a gap I noticed, but I think it will be ready for me to send out to another batch of beta readers this weekend.

But boy am I exhausted... Even as I write this post, while sipping my morning coffee, I feel so dead. This week has just been a rollercoaster. Rereading my manuscript just makes me doubt so much that I can't tell if my story is even good anymore since I've been working on it so much. Thank goodness for beta readers.

I just need to remind myself to presevere. I'm way in too deep to be stopping now.


  1. You got this.....! Whenever you doubt yourself, watch and listen to the story about the little engine that could.... or dont... lol

  2. In too deep for sure. We must go forth! I still have hella revisions. I really want to try Pitch Wars, and that starts next month so... *sigh* haha. That's a super cute comic, btw.

    1. yeah, I want to get into Pitch Wars too. You should do it!