Saturday, July 19, 2014

Beach Lunch & Never-ending Writing

Oh fridays, how I love thee...

Now that I have Fridays off, it's become one of my favorite days and yesterday was one of the best ones. I woke up and wrote all day then Michael took me to Paseo's for lunch and we brought it to the Golden Gardens park to eat.

Outside of Paseo waiting for our food!

My Caribbean bowl, yum!

Michael and his sandwich
Then we came back home and I went back to editing.

That stack = my manuscript
I had planned to send out the manuscript to my beta readers this morning, but then I met up with my writing critique partner later that night and she suggested a few changes.

Critiquing with my partner and Fuel coffee as I enjoy a Lavender Italian soda.
So it looks like I'm postponing sending out my manuscript to my betas next weekend before I leave on my trip to Walla Walla. Just when I think I'm almost finished, I'm not. Gah! Writing sometimes seems never-ending, and I am so tempted to start on a new project. Jeez M2, when will you be done?


  1. I love days like this! It's like the perfect day. ^_^
    I am constantly underestimating how long it takes to write a book. I think I'll be done in 2 weeks, and it takes at least twice that long.

    Still, cheers to awesome days. ^_^

    1. Good to know I'm not the only one in that boat! I keep underestimating my finish time, so I can't stop wondering when it'll end. But yes, cheers to that!