Monday, August 18, 2014

My weekend in a nutshell.

The weekends are truly never long enough, but Michael and I made it count even though we kept it low key. In short, this was my weekend:

I spent time brainstorming Manuscript #3 (which is not the sequel to M2) and drafted up the first chapter. I also began reading two books, one about wine, and the other on writing.

Poetry Cubes
 I also played with this handsome fella. I am sure he was glad when I left for work so that I wouldn't bug him anymore.

And Michael and I took a lovely walk to the local bookstore, drank some nice wine, and had a yummy family meal at his parent's house.

Perfectly cooked halibut over fingerling potatoes with a tarragon sauce!

Simple pleasures of life at its finest.

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