Wednesday, August 5, 2015

We're engaged ♥

Dear family and friends,
After our amazing wine tour the previous day, I didn't think our weekend (or even life) could get any better this past Sunday. Glad to know I was wrong. I am so excited to officially announce that Michael and I are engaged!

What started out as just a normal day of wine tasting before making the drive back to Washington, will be a day we'll remember for the rest of our lives and I am so excited to share it with you.
At the recommendation of our guide Amy, we headed to the White Rose Estate, in the Dundee Hills. As we drove up we were greeted with rows upon rows of vines until we reached the landing surrounded by greenery, lavender, and the wonderful view.
From the very first taste, we knew this place was magical. The tasting room manager invited us along with a small group downstairs into the cellar where we were able to taste straight from the tanks and the barrels.


When we came back up, it started to sprinkle. Summer rain is always a rare thing that makes me pause and the scent of petrichor is one of Michael's favorites. Looking back, maybe I should have taken it as a sign that this wasn't just an ordinary day.
After Michael made purchases of our favorites (which we will now age and open yearly to celebrate this awesome day), we headed back to the car to put them away. Michael asked if I'd like to take a walk. This was something we always did when we stumbled upon a beautiful vineyard, so I accepted not thinking anything of it. But Michael took me down this row, my hand in his, and when we were one third in, he knelt down on one knee...

MT: *Eyes widen as he reaches into his pocket* Is this a joke? Are you joking?
MA: *Holds up beautiful ring, and I swear the clouds break and sunlight catches it making it sparkle even more* I love you now, I'll love you forever. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?
MT: OMG. *Starts sobbing like a baby, covering my face, while nodding erratically* Yes. Yes!

(obviously Michael is the more eloquent one in the relationship)
Everything after that was a blur. Lots of crying (well mostly on my end), hugging, kissing. Me saying 'oh my gosh' one too many times as we finished our walk and came out the other side, engaged!

It was absolutely perfect. No words--not even this post--can do this moment justice.

Now we can drop the F word whenever we want! And by that I mean fiancé/fiancée ;) Because Michael and I are getting married!!!


When's the date?

No date yet:) Just enjoying the moment while we figure out the details.

How did you guys meet?

Paris, France, at Café Roussillon, September 3rd, 2012 in the evening.
Want more details? Check out my post, 'Love, in the City of Paris.'

Who designed the ring?


Do I love it?


Did you know he was going to propose?

We talked about getting married for a while and I suspected it would be this summer. But at that exact moment, I was completely surprised (hence my dorky reaction). Nervously I had asked if it was a joke because it seemed so surreal that it was actually happening!

Would you like to hear Michael's side of the proposal?

Comment below if you do, and any questions you want to ask him, and maybe I can convince him to do a guest post ;)


  1. I am so happy and beyond thrilled to have you apart of our family Michelle! You two are perfect for each other!

  2. Yay Michelle! Congratulations!

    It'd be cute if he guest posted ;-)

  3. I'm dying!!! What he said is so perfect! The location is so perfect. I'm so freaking happy for you!!!

    I'd love to gey his side of the story. Like when did he know he wanted to ask you! So happy for you guys! ^_^

  4. YAY I've been waiting for this post! FInally!
    i've forgotten what I was about to say lol.
    Darn, oh well, shows how excited I am for you :D
    ooh yeah! I wonder what was going on through his mind as you both began your journey down the vineyard.

  5. Congratulations on your engagement!!!!

    IWSG co-host Write with Fey

  6. YAY!!! Congratulations to you both! What a wonderful new stage of life you both are heading into. I'm sure you have many, many happy years ahead of you. :)

  7. Yay!!!! So excited for you two. Congratulations!

  8. Yay!!!! So excited for you two. Congratulations!

  9. Thank you everyone <3 We are beyond excited!!!