Saturday, January 26, 2013

Healthy Take on Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Oatmeal raisin cookies are my favorite. I can literally eat a dozen of them in one sitting. So I decided to put my own spin on it in a half dozen batch that is completely guilt-free!

Makes 6 cookies, bake at 350 degrees for 12-14 minutes. Just simply mix all ingredients together.

1 packet of instant unflavored plain oatmeal
1 tbs unsweetened applesauce
2 tbs unsweetened almond milk
1/2 tbs of sweetener of your choice
pinch of salt
dash of cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/8 teaspoon baking powder
1 mini box of raisins (or about a tablespoon)

 Divide into six cookies!
And after waiting patiently, dig in!

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