Monday, March 3, 2014

Oscars 2014, Divergent Movie Tour, and New Deadlines

So how about the Oscars last night? Can I just say I abolutely love Ellen hosting it. That opening monologue was great. My highlights:

Best acceptance speeches by Leto and McConaughey.
Best dressed Nyong'o.
Best performance, Pink!
Twitter crashing from Ellen's retweeted photo.
Photobomb by Benedict Cumberbatch.
Also, special mention for the pizza delivery man.

Whoo! That was great, but I cannot wait for the day when Leonardo DiCarpio receives an Oscar, not that he necesarily needs one because he's great and we all love him, but because I would love to hear his acceptance speech.

In other news, I received an RSVP for an advanced screening of the Divergent movie this Thursday. It doesn't guarantee me a seat since it's overbooked to ensure maximum capacity, but I'm going to do my best to get there early so I can post a review for you guys. Roth herself just posted via Tumblr her thoughts on it, which you can read here!

Lastly, I've created new deadlines for myself for my Manuscript #2 (which I will now refer to as M2) in hopes that I can finally start querying at the end of July:

Mid-March: Finish draft two
Rest of March: Review and Regroup for draft three
April: Revisions and Rewrites for draft three.
May: Beta Critiques and YA Workshop
June: Revisions and Rewrites for draft four
July: Line Edits, develop first batch of queries to send out

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