Sunday, March 30, 2014

Post Birthdays

This week has been crazy busy, making the weekend very much needed! On Friday, Michael took me out to Nishino's for dinner, one of his favorite restaurants. As usual the sushi was excellent and the dessert insanely good!

Green Tea Tiramisu

Afterwards we went to Ballard for Cristine's Birthday celebration where I discovered a new go-to drink: Tom Collins. It's so refreshing, just like lemonade.

Me, Michael, and Cristine
The next day was super laid back. We finally did some grocery shopping and spent the rest of the day working on personal projects--revisions for me, web design for him. Michael was sweet enough to set up my very own writing space in our apartment.

Manuscript, laptop, notes, pens, and music. Everything I need.

Afterwards we headed to Cristine and Tim's for a family get together with the Armfield cousins and their rents.

Being goofy during the game time!

Sunday was cleaning day with more work on my revisions. I'm a quarter done with draft three, but it was the easy part. I anticipate difficulties as I head to the middle chunk of the story. It's great tightening the story and connecting everything cohesively. Tons of hard work, but worth it. 

Only one more month until my workshop and my beta readers get to read M2! Just thinking about that gets me all nervous and excited. The whole time working on it, it's always been about doing it for myself. Now with revisions, it's all about making it come alive for the reader, hoping that they can get lost and in love with the story I've been dying to share.

To close, here are a two other goofy photos I found on Michael's phone that should have made it to my Whistler post, if I only knew! Here's to another week of life!

strawberry daiquiri after 5 hour snowboarding lesson

hiding in my scarf because Whistler is c o l d 


  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend! My weekend was sort of like yours. I went to OC to visit a friend of mine who is a literary associate. We hung out and had a great time. And then on Sunday I worked on some partials for an agent. I do have to make some time to work on WIP, though, so that I may send it to my beta readers. If only I didn't need sleep to survive...
    BTW, I love the pic of your writing space. It's always encouraging to see other people's mss with notes scribbled all over :P

    1. Sounds like a great weekend indeed! And yeah, I'm with you on the sleep thing. Keep at the WIP, I feel your pain. Juggling a job, social life, and pursuing writing dreams is not as easy as it sounds. It definitely makes me greatful for the weekends so that I can wind down with friends and fam and play catch up on that WIP.