Sunday, March 2, 2014

Rainy, Writing, Sunday

On Sundays, Michael and I usually go to brunch then come back home and do some apartment cleaning. Today, instead of going to our usual brunch place we went to The Wandering Goose then Victrola for some coffee.

Biscuit Sandwich-The Ultimate Breakfast Indulgence
On our walk home, it started pouring and has been constantly so for the entire day! This weekend we'll be heading to Palm Desert to visit his folks, and I am just itching to be done with my second draft so that I can print it and read it while soaking up the sun. 

So I put on my game face aka writing face, turned on my tunes and got to work.

Then after a few hours, this happened:

Title really isn't Marjorie, just a place holder ;)
I just hit my word limit, but the story isn't done! I foresee tons of cuts during my revision process. Nonetheless, I have like five more chapters to write in just four days. It's doable, though (at least that's what I'm telling myself). For now, I am in need of a break, some fuel, and some much awaited Oscar time.

How Michael puts up with me when I am in writing mode, I have no idea. I seriously stay on my hiney all day guzzling tea and snacking throughout.  


  1. YUMMMMMMY breakfast! :-)

    1. It was so gooood! But those once in along while type of good. I felt like zonking out right after eating it.