Saturday, March 1, 2014

Young Adult Fiction Workshop

In Michael's words, "I've been frantically writing this week." 

It's true. I've been quite obsessive kicking my writing in full gear. I just want to produce a quality draft I can be proud of, and I think after every draft I can feel myself getting closer and closer to it. I'm almost done with my second draft. And I think once I finish the third draft I'll be able to start sending it on to my beta readers for feedback.

As some of you may know, I just recently moved to Seattle. Though it's great and I have a support system here, one thing I feel like I'm lacking is a sense of community. Thinking back on my past experiences, I found that the one place where I truly connected with people and felt like I belonged were in my creative workshop classes in college. I loved it. I loved getting to know other people and their work and watching their craft progress. I loved learning and listening to other people's insights. I loved talking about books and the process of writing, and making friends. So because of that I decided to sign up for a Young Adult Fiction Workshop at Hugo House. I think it'll be great for me and it'll help my manuscript immensely with some critique. Though it doesn't start until May, I'm pretty stoked and can't wait!

Now that I've posted this and had my breakfast and coffee, time to kick it into gear for another writing session! BTW, if you haven't gotten Scrivener, I highly recommend it!

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