Monday, January 6, 2014

Paper Towns by John Green & Witness

It took me awhile to get on the John Green bandwagon, but I'm so glad I did. I love his style of writing, the realism that shines through his interesting characters that leap off the page, and most of all, the way he ties the novel together from beginning to end that really statisfies the reader.

The first book I read of his was Looking for Alaska then shortfly after I read The Fault in Our Stars. Both of which I enjoyed immensely.

Since this weekend was a relaxing one and I was having difficulties writing, I thought that maybe I just needed to read a good book to get me back into the rhythm, and John Green did not disappoint.

On Saturday I started Paper Towns. Immediately John pulls you in with the focal character, Margo, and just like the main character Q, you get wrapped up into his fascination of this girl whom he has always admired from afar. But Margo has always been a mystery to Q, and after an unforgettable night of adventures, she disappears. But she's also left clues just for Q.  I won't give it away, but if you're into mysteries, this is a great one to check out. I finished it on Sunday and loved it. Such a quick read but had many profound moments.

On another note, my relaxed weekend also entailed going to my fave Seattle spot, Bottlehouse, with a friend and after we went to a bar that I had never been to called Witness. It was such a unique little bar because it was church themed with pews and everything. Not to mention the cocktail drinks had interesting names, for example, my drink was called divine intervention (ha!), and the owner even gave a "sermon" at 10 p.m. If you ever go, the deconstructed deviled egg is a must try!

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